Travel the highways of Australia in comfort in an affordable, stylish, light-weight, easily towed AdventureMan Teardrop Camper – the easy camper.

Explosive Growth

Explosive growth in the domestic camper industry has led to the design and development of the Adventureman, a camper that suits Aussie conditions. With more than 18,000 caravans and campers currently registered in Australia, this design is sure to suit a large slice of the baby-boomer market.

Custom built for you by Mark and Cheryl Byrne, Adventureman Teardrop Campers sleep two in comfort. The teardrop shape is aerodynamic – no huge box dragging behind you means lower fuel costs.

Our Models

Our range of Adventureman campers come in four models – built to suit you. The Adventureman models are the X10 Expedition, SideKick, HighCountry and Treka camper. All our campers are on a galvanised, Aussie made light off-road chassis, with leaf springs and solid axle, light truck tyres and tough off road rims or mags.

Our Story

Family owned and operated

Mark Byrne

Adventureman Teardrop Campers is a family owned and operated business, based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast at Coolum.

Proprietor Mark Byrne has 17 years experience in the field of custom building, his expertise is in all forms, from consultation to delivery.

Cheryl, Mark’s wife, is the company secretary and assists in camper construction.

The Byrne family is very approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to camper construction and are only to pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Their Christian values and honesty make them great people to do business with.

The Teardrop Story

Teardrop camping was a very popular way to go camping in the USA in the 1940s to 1960s.

Vintage Teardrop Camper

The worldwide popularity of the teardrop camper was founded on several fronts, inexpensiveness being one, with a combination of home-made and factory-built models available. 4 cylinder cars can tow the Adventureman Teardrop Camper with minimal effort – easy towing – no huge caravan style box dragging behind you. The shape of the teardrop makes it very aerodynamic, reducing the high fuel consumption that is normally associated with towing a caravan.

Food is always an important part of any trip and the Adventureman Teardrop has a galley kitchen in the rear that has the facility for a gas cooker and a cooler box section, coupled with full laminex benchtop. (Cooker and cooler NOT supplied)

Finally, you’re not sleeping on the ground in a drafty, flapping camper trailer. In an AdventureMan teardrop you’re up high and dry in a cozy secured bed with fans, heaters, TV or a DVD playing – or just relaxing to your favorite music playing in the background as you read a great novel under one of our personal reading lights. Our campers are built as close to the original concept as possible, Easy Fun Safe Camping.